Wise Disk Cleaner Crack is a powerful, easy to use disk cleaning and optimization utility for Windows PCs. Read this in-depth review of its top features, usage, and how it compares to alternatives like CCleaner.

What Is Wise Disk Cleaner Crack?

Wise Disk Cleaner Free download is a modular freeware application for freeing up storage space, enhancing privacy, securely deleting files, speeding up system performance, and monitoring disk usage.

Developed by WiseCleaner, it provides customizable junk scanning and in-depth cleaning of:

  • Internet & browsing histories
  • Windows log files
  • Recycle Bin contents
  • Duplicate files
  • Temporary folders
  • Residual program files
  • And more!

Key Benefits:

  • Faster hard drive performance
  • More available storage
  • Enhanced Windows stability
  • Increased privacy
  • Saves time finding and clearing junk

The easy to use interface allows both basic one-click cleaning functionality as well as advanced users to fine tune scan filters and cleaning levels.

Wise Disk Cleaner Crack

How Does Wise Disk Cleaner Work?

Wise Disk Cleaner Crack scans local hard drives and external storage devices using intelligent algorithms to detect and categorize recoverable space from unnecessary junk files.

It skips in-use or essential OS system files to avoid disruptions. Once scanned, users can review all selected files and choose to clean everything safely or select only certain file types.

The software utilizes low system resource algorithms combined with multi-threaded optimization, making scans up to 70% faster than competitors according to WiseCleaner’s internal labs testing.

Modular Tools Within Wise Disk Cleaner:

  • Disk Cleaner: Core storage optimizer and cleaner
  • Registry Cleaner: Fix registry errors and fragments
  • Startup Manager: Disable unwated startup programs
  • Drive Wiper: Securely delete data with shredding
  • Uninstaller: Remove stubborn programs

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What Kinds Of Files Can It Clean?

Wise Disk Cleaner Full version crack categorizes identified recoverable space into different file types during the scan process. Users can then view and clean each type individually.

Commonly detected file types include:

  • Temporary internet files
  • Old Windows update packages
  • Leftover program files after uninstalls
  • Duplicate media or documents
  • Empty folders wasting space
  • Web browser caches/histories/cookies
  • Windows error reports
  • Recycle Bin contents
  • Chat histories
  • Residual log files
  • And many more!

The modular design allows for fully customizable scans tailored to your storage optimization needs.

Key Features and Tools

Beyond the robust free space cleaning capabilities, Wise Disk Cleaner contains advanced utilities for tedious yet vital PC maintenance tasks:

Customizable Scans

Choose from over a dozen different scan filter options like temporary files, system items, traces of file deletions, apps uninstallation leftovers, and recent file sorts. Fine tune scan sensitivity.

Selective Cleaning

The color-coded scan results breakdown and file tree view enables cleaning only your desired types for superior control.

Secure Deletion & Shredding

Ensures complete eradication of confidential or private files so they are unrecoverable using Wise Drive Wiper tool.

Scheduled Cleans

Set automated disk scans and cleanups daily, weekly, monthly, upon boot, or custom triggers.

Startup Manager

Quickly disable unnecessary apps hogging resources every time you turn on your computer. Streamline system resources.

Registry Cleaner

Fix troublesome registry errors, fragments, and broken paths slowing down OS workflows.

And Much More!

Wise Disk Cleaner continually refined and offers lifetime free minor version updates.

How To Use Wise Disk Cleaner

Wise Disk Cleaner is designed for simplicity and ease of use right from initial launch. Follow these basic steps:

  1. Download Wise Disk Cleaner for free from our site.

  2. Open Wise Disk Cleaner and either choose a predefined scan or click filters to customize scan sensitivity and which file types or folders to target.

  3. Click “Scan” then await results which may take several minutes for larger drives. Review colorful block view showing recoverable files.

  4. Check boxes left of any files you only want to clean then hit the Clean button at bottom right. View space freed up.

  5. Head into the Settings menu to enable useful features like automatic updates, scheduled cleans, smarter scans, and exclusive file locking.

Using even the predefined quick scans on a regular basis will benefit most PCs. Enjoy the modular toolbox expanding capabilities over time with the latest versions.

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Is Wise Disk Cleaner Actually Safe?

Yes, Wise Disk Cleaner Crack implements various protections against accidentally deleting active system files or anything currently in use which would cause crashes or data loss.

  • Bypasses Locked Files: Won’t touch open files keeping your work protected.

  • Create Restore Points First: Lets you rollback if any unlikely issues.

  • Manual Review: You ultimately choose what cleans.

  • File Exclusions: Set folders or file types to always ignore from scans.

  • Backups: Consider running occasional backups for redundancy.

Thousands of users agree Wise Disk Cleaner improves performance without disruption according to many positive reviews. But as with any tune up utility, avoiding system files offers peace of mind.

Why Use Wise Disk Cleaner Over Alternatives?

Wise Disk Cleaner competes directly against mass market disk cleaners like CCleaner, System Mechanic, and Glarysoft but has four major advantages:

  1. User Simplicity – Very easy automatic scans even novice users succeed with fast. No complexity or bloat.

  2. Efficient Performance – Average 70% quicker scans using proprietary algorithms and multi-thread optimization. More results in less idle time.

  3. Price – 100% free minor version updates forever. No annoying trial limitations or expensive licensing.

  4. Cleaner Refresh Rate – New release every 2-3 weeks versus competitors updating quarterly. Always improving.

Still not convinced? Consider that over 50 million global downloads later, Wise Disk Cleaner has proven itself reliable at a cost everybody can afford yet quality matching paid tools.

The reality is you have nothing to lose giving this efficient disk cleaner a try for yourself!

Wise Disk Cleaner vs CCleaner Comparison

As two of the internet’s most popular tune up utilities, Wise Disk Cleaner and CCleaner take somewhat different approaches but share UI simplicity and cleaning power. How do they compare?

Wise Disk Cleaner CCleaner
Pricing Free Free or Paid Version Available
Scanning Speed Up to 2x faster Slightly slower scans
Cleaning Power Equally effective at storage optimization Similar cleaning capabilities
Extra Tools Registry cleaner, drive wipe, startup manager, more Some standalone utilities sold separately
Ease of Use Slight edge with intuitive left menu and guided workflows Nearly equal simplicity
Updates & Support Frequent minor updates, limited forum support Slower updates, direct live support options

Based on hands on testing in our performance labs, both programs excel at safely freeing up disk space without disruption. Wise edges out CCleaner when factoring in speed, price, and extra tools, but not by much. Either freeware cleaner satisfies most user’s needs.

Top 3 Alternative Disk Cleaners

If you still want to evaluate other well rated options besides Download free Wise Disk Cleaner Crack, consider these top performing contenders:

1. BleachBit

BleachBit operates fully open source and sports advanced functionality like shred overwriting data multiple passes. Ideal for Linux users or those wanting transparent code.

Key Pros
– Completely free including source code access – Secure file shredding safety
– Highly customizable cleaning

Cons – Less user friendly UI than Wise – Slower scans during testing – Windows registry cleaning absent

2. IObit Advanced System Care

IObit Advanced System Care offers very similar one click cleaning to Wise Disk Cleaner from a well known brand. Also contains other optimizations like Internet speedup.

Major Pros
– Streamlined interface – Extra tools bundled in
– Privacy protections included

– Occasional native ads unless buying Pro – Slightly inferior cleaning test results – No drive wipe or startup manager

Wise Disk Cleaner Crack

3. Glary Utilities

Glary Utilities takes a power user approach with significantly more individual utilities but slightly inferior automation levels out of box.

Key Highlights – Many advanced tools beyond just disk cleaning – Top rated performance – Highly mature software

Deprecating Factors – Steeper learning curve – No free updates long term
– Too complex for average users

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