PicPick Professional Serial key is a robust, feature-rich screenshot and image editing tool for Windows. As an upgraded version of the popular free PicPick tool, PicPick Pro offers advanced functionality for power users along with new professional-grade capabilities.

Key Features of Full version crack PicPick Professional Serial key

Some of the standout features of Free download PicPick Professional Serial key include:

  • Fullscreen and regional snapshots – Take screenshots of entire screens, active windows, or custom rectangular regions.

  • Scrolling capture – Seamlessly screenshot entire webpages or documents that extend beyond the screen. The auto-scroll mode automatically scrolls and stitches together long captures.

  • Basic image editing – Crop, resize, rotate, flip, color adjust, add text, filters, watermarks, and more.

  • Batch processing – Edit multiple images at once by applying global edits to entire batches.

  • Screen color picker – Sample colors from anywhere on your screen. Useful for graphic design.

  • Measurement tools – Overlay rulers, protractors, crosshairs, and grids to measure dimensions.

  • Image color analyzer – Pick specific points on an image to inspect the hex color code.

  • EXIF data – View detailed EXIF metadata like aperture, focal length, and more for JPEGs.

  • Screen magnifier – Magnify areas of the screen up to 20x for detailed precision work.

  • FTP upload – Seamlessly upload screenshots directly to FTP servers.

  • Cloud sync – Backup images automatically to Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, etc.

  • Export flexibility – Export images in a wide array of formats including HTML, PDF, Word, Excel, and more.

  • Print functionality – Print screenshots straight from the PicPick editor.

  • Portable version – Use PicPick Pro from a USB drive without installation.

Picpick Professional Serial key

Benefits of PicPick Pro Over Free Tools

PicPick Professional Serial key shines most compared to free alternatives like the base PicPick tool in the following ways:

  • More robust toolkit – The Pro version simply includes more features and capabilities than free PicPick and other free screenshot tools. The advanced features satisfy power users.

  • Batch editing – Free tools lack the ability to batch process multiple screenshots at once. PicPick Pro makes easy work of optimizing batches of product images, screenshots for tutorials, and more.

  • Advanced annotations – Annotate screenshots with a wide selection of customizable arrows, text boxes, callouts, highlights, and blurred sensitive regions.

  • Color picker – Sample colors precisely from anywhere on screen instead of guesstimating hues and codes.

  • Measurement overlays – Free tools don’t offer protractors, rulers, crosshairs, and grids for accurate on-screen measuring.

  • Better cloud and FTP integration – Seamlessly sync captures to cloud drives and upload them to FTP servers without intermediate steps.

  • More export options – Free alternatives usually lack options like exporting screenshots directly to PDF, Word, and Excel formats.

  • Greater customization – Take advantage of customizable keyboard shortcuts, color schemes, annotation styles, and more.

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Use Cases for Download free PicPick Professional Serial key

Here are just some of the common use cases and applications for Full version crack PicPick Professional Serial key:

  • Create professional tutorials – Annotate screenshots to easily create how-tos, manuals, and tutorials. The advanced annotations set PicPick Pro apart.

  • Optimize batches of product images – Easily crop, resize, filter, and convert batches of product images at once to prepare them for web stores and catalogs.

  • Watermark images – Apply custom watermarks or signatures to screenshots and other images for copyright protection before publishing them online.

  • Precisely match colors – Web designers can use the color picker to match on-screen colors to designs more accurately. No more eyeballing hues.

  • Measure dimensions and distances – The protractor, rulers, crosshairs and grids enable measuring distances and dimensions directly on-screen.

  • Inspect tiny details – Magnify small areas of the screen up to 20x to work with pixel-level precision on images, designs, text, and other graphics.

  • Upload optimized captures to WordPress – The WordPress export plugin allows directly uploading annotated screenshots to WordPress media libraries.

How to Use Key Features in PicPick Professional

Let’s go through using some of the most popular features step-by-step:

Scrolling Capture

  1. Click the Scrolling Capture button in the main toolbar (it looks like a webpage screenshot)
  2. Click and drag your cursor to select the area you want to capture.
  3. The camera icon indicates it’s capturing the screen as you scroll down.
  4. Scroll to the bottom of the content you want to capture. The camera icon turns into a stop icon.
  5. Click the stop icon to end the capture. PicPick Pro will stitch the screenshots together into one long image.

Cloud Sync Set Up

  1. Click File > Cloud Sync Settings
  2. Choose your cloud storage provider like Google Drive or Dropbox
  3. Click Authorize and log in to grant PicPick Pro access
  4. Pick which local PicPick Pro folder to sync
  5. Choose the backup frequency and remote destination
  6. Click OK to save the settings

Now screenshots saved to that folder will automatically sync to your cloud storage.

Custom Keyboard Shortcuts

  1. Click Settings > Keyboard Shortcuts
  2. Click Add to create a new shortcut
  3. Enter a Name and Description
  4. Assign a Keyboard Shortcut key combo
  5. Choose a Function for the shortcut to activate
  6. Click OK to save the custom shortcut

Now your chosen key combo will activate features like screenshot capture, scrolling capture, annotations, etc.

Batch Processing Images

  1. Open the images you want to batch process
  2. Shift+click or Ctrl+click to multi-select images
  3. Click Batch Processing in the right pane
  4. Choose your desired edits like resizing, filters, watermarks
  5. Adjust the settings for each filter
  6. Click OK to apply the batch edits

All the selected images will be processed and updated based on your chosen settings.

PicPick Professional Pricing and Plans

PicPick Professional is affordably priced for individuals, businesses, and schools. Here are the current license options:

  • Personal – $29.99 per user
  • Business – Starting at $49.99 per user for 5 users minimum
  • Education – Discounted pricing for teachers and schools. Contact PicPick for school licenses.

The personal and business licenses include 1 year of upgrades and support. You can save 25% with renewal discounts after the first year.

Educational institutions can get discounted volume licensing and pay annually based on the number of computers. Education plans include lifetime upgrades and support.

PicPick frequently offers promotions like 20-25% off new licenses. Check their website for current deals before purchasing.

All paid versions allow using PicPick Pro on up to 2 computers per license. The free version lacks many pro features.

How PicPick Pro Compares to Alternatives

PicPick Professional stacks up well against competitors like Snagit, Greenshot, and ShareX with a competitive features list:

Feature PicPick Pro Snagit Greenshot ShareX
Scrolling capture Yes Yes Yes Yes
Basic image editing Yes Yes Limited Yes
Batch processing Yes Limited No Yes
Advanced annotations Yes Yes Limited Limited
Screen color picker Yes No No Yes
Measurement overlays Yes Limited Limited Yes
Cloud sync Yes Yes No Yes
WordPress integration Yes No No No
Screen magnifier Yes No No No
Portable version Yes No Yes Yes

Pros of PicPick Pro compared to alternatives:

  • More overall features including color picker, magnifier, FTP, and measurements
  • Better batch editing capabilities
  • More annotation options like blurred areas and customizable styles
  • WordPress export integration
  • Portable version available

Cons compared to alternatives:

  • Snagit has better sophisticated tools like animated GIF capture
  • Greenshot is completely free with fewer limitations than free PicPick
  • ShareX matches PicPick Pro’s broad features

Overall, PicPick Professional competes well with Snagit and ShareX in capabilities while offering better value than Snagit’s subscription pricing. It bests free options like Greenshot with its advanced toolset.

Getting Started with PicPick Professional

For new users wanting to learn the ropes, PicPick offers a wealth of training resources:

  • YouTube Video Tutorials – The PicPick channel offers dozens of video walkthroughs covering all features.

  • User Guide PDF – The 150+ page user guide offers detailed instructions on every tool and function.

  • Knowledge Base – Search the knowledge base for answers to common “how to” questions and troubleshooting.

  • Blog Tips – The PicPick blog publishes regular tips and tricks for mastering the software.

  • Interactive Tour – The product tour highlights all the key features interactively.

With the combination of in-depth help resources and intuitive interface, PicPick Pro is easy to start learning quickly.

Picpick Professional Serial key

Conclusion and Who Should Buy PicPick Pro

For power users wanting more advanced screenshotting and annotation capabilities, Free download PicPick Professional Serial key is a robust option that outshines free alternatives. The Pro version truly expands the toolset for technical and business applications.

Some examples of users who would benefit most from upgrading to Download free PicPick Professional Serial key:

  • Bloggers and content creators needing to make professional tutorials and annotated screenshots.

  • Graphic designers who will utilize the color picker, magnifier, measurement tools, and batch editing.

  • Programmers and testers capturing and marking up bugs and app screenshots.

  • Product photographers or eBay sellers needing to optimize batches of images.

  • Students and teachers creating handouts and study guides using annotated screenshots.

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